Adam Pineless



I have been a writer for a long time, and I’ve written scripts for films, TV, live shows, and shorts.

If you want to read the scripts below I’d love to share them with you. If you’d like to buy them and make them – I’d REALLY like to share them with you. These are all complete and amazing.

I’m totally biased, but my mind is bursting full of ideas all the time.

I also write music…
sometimes they crossover.


Feature Films

If you’d like full versions of these screenplays. Please fill out this NDA (here) and email that to me here.
(I know it’s annoying. It’s just… you know, the Internet.)


Dark Comedy /  Horror, Feature Film

If Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” wasn’t a tragedy before… it is now! This sequel follows the famed young lovers on an adventure after death.

The AmuletPoster.jpg

Adventure / Comedy, Feature Film 

A slacker student goes on the run from the gods and partners with his professor and a small crew on an adventure across the globe and into The Underworld: a place inhabited by monsters, gods, and The Dead.

TV Shows


Comedy / Musical, Half-Hour

This punk rock TV series follows Joan and her band, Sex Confetti. She lives in a highly stylized punk world full of crazy characters.

In the pilot, Joan breaks up with their band’s lead singer just before they play their set, and is forced to decide between pursuing her music career with this jerk… or to quit her band.

Getting Started.jpg

Comedy, Half-Hour TV

Just out of college, Sid and his friends are starting out their lives in the down economy. They’re looking to grow in their careers, find love, and get over their past mistakes.

In the pilot, Sid is invited to the wedding of his ex-girlfriend who has returned from the Peace Corps. While there, Sid must battle his own demons at this otherwise happy occasion.